Message for the kids in your life

Hoooooly Mooooolly dear kids!
Starting with November 14th, the Holy Molly imagination workshops, for kids all ages, are starting at The Ark FUNderground.
Every Sunday, from 11 to 16, we will be there playing and creating toys with magic.
Any material we think about, wood, cardboard, recycling stuff, you can transform it in toys that you’d never imagine to create by yourself and even to take them home with you.
If you think about looking for a place to run around without any sense, don’t come looking for us. If you want to play with imagination, with passion and with all our friends, come faster, because I can’t wait to play with you.
If your parents are in the way, invite them to drink a coffee, eat or spend some time with their friends at The Ark, one floor above us, while you are spending time with your friends at the FUNderground. You can handle it.
Entrance fee: 50 lei.
Holy Molly