Make them smile

“For everyone, a toy is a smile.”

Do you know who teaches us to smile? I would really like to become a “smile teacher” for those who haven’t found a reason to laugh… would you like to help me teach them how? It is rather simple. When you get bored of your old toys, bring them with you. They are the reason why a sad little mouth might want to smile. And you… you will have a friend for life.


“Let’s give pixie dust toys.”

And if you can not give any of your toys, that’s ok… we can make together toys with magic for those who need them. We can offer them a bit of magic from our imagination, it will wipe the sadness off their faces.  You will see… the toys made out with love have magic powers, they are pixie dust toys.

Our friends from Noi Orizntori Familia ( will take these toys at the child care centers. If you tell us your e-mail address, we’ll send you pictures of the kids made happy by your toy.