I am Holy Molly

Holy Molly:

I am Holy Molly and I am 6 years old, no, I am 10 or Viagra Online 30… hmm.. it doesn’t matter how old I am…
Mircea says that i am Mary Poppins when she was 6, the feminine version of Peter Pan… or Alice in the Land of the Bootless Cat, all the children of the Captain Von Trapp in one body, a warrior against Barbie dolls…
For sure I am the best friend of Anastasia and Maria, of Vladut and Andrei, of Horia and Radu… and all the other kids that are as skillfull as me in playing.


“Ham-ham, here comes to play also my dog, Sufletel…”

Ahh, I forgot to tell you about my dog, Sufletel. He is such a joyous dog that will jump over you and put get your clothes covered with mud. When he sees you sad, he puts his paw on your leg or hand and lets you know he’s there, by your side. My dog is the best soul healer. I can not wait for you to meet him.


“Without Elena, I don’t know what our imagination will become …”

And you know why? Because she is our improv creation teacher and she knows it all: If you need little eyes, or how to untangle ropes or you don’t know what to choose between red and yellow, she will surely know the answer. She knows exactly where the things are: the colors, the scissors, the glue and all the needles and pins that are sooo necessary.


“Lolo – Some piece of girl”

She’s the only person I know that can show you her back teeth when smiling. When she grows up she wants to sew building with a needle. Till then, she makes sure that everyone gets their sweetie part from the goodie bag.


“Didi – The out-smartening one”

Well she really thinks she is the smartest one, and sometimes she sure is. But I don’t tell her, instead I like to annoy her. She paints on clothes, on walls, and if you don’t pay attention, she will smudge your nose in colors.